On Wednesday 10 July we had the honour of investing into the National Junior Swim Team ahead of the World Championships in Hungary later this year.

The team was recently formed at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships and was in Canberra for their first training camp together.

We joined the team at the top of the Telstra Tower with an afternoon LEGO Serious Play session designed to help them get to know each other and develop a team identity. Our session started with an ice breaker, built on a team ‘super story’ activity, and concluded with a “Swimmer on the Blocks” skills building task.

LEGO Serious Play turns traditional development sessions on their head with creative communication through hands-on activities designed around equal participation.

It was a busy day with 50 participants, and we were delighted to be able to contribute to the future of such a talented group of athletes.

All the best at the World Championships!